BN Products & Design

Welcome to BN Products & Design

We Offer:

  • Production and delivery of racing-suit, jacket, frontcover and seat to Speedway racer.
  • Sewing and cutting of leather, plastic / nappa or fabric for various purposes
  • Wide range af service in the field of upholstery

We guarantee:

  • We put our customer first and work after your ideas
  • We give priority to high quality with professional advice
  • We comply with agreements and deadlines
  • We provide quality work at competitive prices

Why choosing us?

BN has for many years produced racingsuits and coverset to the main racing Speedway's top racer e.g. Hans Nielsen and Nicki Pedersen etc., who have 138 World Championship titles together.
Vi have recently bought the brandname BN Products and from now on we can offer wide range of products i danish high quality, fast delivering and reasonable prices.
Our 20 years of experience and professional pride ensures that we find the best solution for your requirements, and our thorough quality work ensure great satisfaction for the customers.
For details contact us today by phone 0045 6022 4696 or go to 'kontakt os'  to fill in the formular.

Note! We compromise our quality - We use laser cutting machine to cut the letters/alphabet.
The Champions Choice